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Personalführung / Sandwich-Methode

Sowohl der Artikel von Frau Götsch, 
als auch der Kommentar von Herrn Hornung sprechen mir aus dem Herzen!
Hier ein Tipp:
die 3+1-Methode bei kritischem Feedback ist einfach und klar:
1. Mit Beispielen beschreiben, worum es geht
2. Die sachlich-dinglichen und gruppendynamischen Auswirkungen aufzeigen
3. Die (emotionale) Auswirkung auf einen selbst benennen (z.B. Ärger; Beunruhigung; Enttäuschung etc)
+ 4. Wenn 1-3 verstanden wurde: den/die MitarbeiterIn fragen, wie die Lösung aussehen soll und eine Vereinbarung treffen.
Und dann noch dies: Positives Feedback / Lob fällt zwar leichter, wird allerdings viel zu häufig vergessen.
© Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta

„Ouissal“ the EMA German-Arabic Mentoring Programme – Part 3

Ouissal Diary third part:

How quick things can change!

In one of our meetings Sarah mentioned that she was facing some issues and obstacles. It turned out that payment policies of the big clients did not place her as a priority putting her in a difficult situation – there was simply not enough cash-flow to cover all the costs she had.

Apart from working on her own invoicing policies (which were far too simple considering the growth her young company experienced) I as her mentor in leadership matters could not do much. Anyway in order to support her in solving this acute situation we did a long brainstorming to evolve some ideas about possible immediate solutions.

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„Ouissal“ the EMA German-Arabic Mentoring Programme – Part 2

Ouissal Diary second part:

 Dec. 2017 – Jan. 2018,  Starting our work – the first cultural clash

As I was going on holiday shortly after the launch of the Ouissal Mentoring Project in Tunisia, Sarah and I agreed that she would send me the minutes of our meeting in Tunis which would further on be the basis of our collaboration containing our objectives, KPIs and code of conduct.

We had also agreed at length, that we would reply to each other within 3 days even if only to say „Sorry, I´m busy right now – coming back to you then and then“ So having not heard from Sarah after 4 days I began to feel nervous.

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„Ouissal“ the EMA German-Arabic Mentoring Programme – Part 1

Ouissal Diary first part

Tunis, November 7, 2017

I am sitting in the conference-room of a nice hotel at the seaside of Tunis with a group of twenty women: ten are German and ten are Tunisian.„Ouissal means bridge but actually it expresses – like so many Arabic words – much more because it also speaks about relationship“explains Clara Gruitrooy, the bold young general secretary of EMA (Euro-Mediterran-Arabic Association). She is the initiator of Ouissal, the programme in which I will be volunteering for one year from now on.

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