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Referenz Colgate Palmolive: Executive Coaching

Referenz Colgate Palmolive: Executive Coaching Personal Reference: Looking for a sparring partner for my personal career development I met Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta. 
The exhilarant mix of empathy, humour and challenging strictness suited me perfectly so she became my personal coach for one whole year. Working with Dr. Barth Frazzetta I further enhanced my leadership skills, strengthened authenticity in my management style and developed a deeper understanding of my personal priorities. Her sensible advice helped me find pragmatic solutions while considering the big picture. 
Therefore, I can say her coaching made a commendable contribution to my being an executive today.

, Christian Strasoldo- Graffemberg, CEO GAGA Group, Colgate Palmolive

Referenz Philips Deutschland GmbH: Mediation

Personal Reference: In one strategically important project two of my staff members had difficulty cooperating and communicating with each other, which, however was crucial to achieving our objectives. As they were the experts in this project their contribution and cooperation was essential. I found out that not only their completely different task/project approaches but also their personal prejudices were partly causing the problem. That is why I decided to initiate a mediation process and engaged Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta whom I knew from team building processes in the company. She was a trustworthy, impartial partner in this tenuous situation. She quickly won the two managers' respect and trust and handled the matter very tactfully. Within three sessions Dr. Barth Frazzetta managed to arrange an agreement between the two contending staff members. They gained a better understanding of each another and established a pragmatic set of rules for their future cooperation. They soon developed a respectful attitude and cooperation between them became noticeably smooth and efficient. I wish to thank Dr. Barth Frazzetta for her sensitive and rewarding support.

, Susanne Siegmund-Hähner Human Resources Director Processes Germany Program Manager HR / F&A Philips Deutschland GmbH

Referenz STAPLES: Team Building

Personal Reference - STAPLES - Der Büro-Megamarkt Working with Dr. Barth Frazzetta our management team reflected on behavioural mindset to optmize team interaction and overcome "silo-thinking" in particular in difficult situations or when working under pressure. In personal coachings of board-members Dr. Barth Frazzetta was a trustable, unbiassed and inspiring counterpart. Dr. Wolff-Rodenberg provides a broad expertise and skilled experience in any situation of coaching, teambulding and interaction. Communication and cooperation with Dr. Barth Frazzetta have always been pleasant and uncomplicated.

, Dr. Susan Hennersdorf Managing Director Hamburg, Sept. 04.2008

Personal Reference: October 25, 2010 Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta, Change Consultant, has demonstrated success in delivering an international management development program to Tektronix Communications Leaders. Tektronix Communications is a world wide leader of measurement and testing and monitoring. Tektronix Communications develops, produces and distributes products and systems of measurement and testing technology for telecommunication networks along with additional services. Since November 2007 Tektronix is part of the Danaher Corporation. . Notable achievements included the creation of management training modules and the facilitation of international team and leadership enhancement efforts. Amongst participants she is widely recognized for her engaging, challenging, & enthusiastic style of delivering training, facilitating change processes & developing teams, often with a blend of humor. She is known for being accomplishment-driven, direct, & objective, as she offers practical & creative management tools & techniques successfully used internationally.

, Tektronix Communications Marion Kählke Human Resources Manager

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